Night And Day

After a slow sleepless night

when I look into the mirror

to myself

The panes changing shades,

Particles changing direction, above all, watching my egos divide,

in that moment of truth

Realising how my day transforms

Into a night so dark and deep

My realities come facing each other

Asking unanswerable questions

Looking for proofs I do not possess

Their stark simultaneous existence, my days and nights

Struggling to touch each other

with me at the epicentre

Turning visions into realities

And reality into visions

The sphere of dreams surrounds me

Waking me up again and again

Pricking and suffocating me

In congested decorated spaces, I lie

And when I look at a slight frown

In the mirror after the sleepless night

I realise it’s only a dream

It’s time to wake up and start trying again

Here I am, trying

To make both ends meet

– Bhavika Arora

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