One truck, several people and the singular aim to entertain. That is one of the many ways to define AAW’STRUCK,  one of the attractions at Rendezvous 2013, IIT Delhi.


The preparation for AAW’STRUCK carried on for over a month. Meetings all over the city, frantic late night phone calls, hours spent brain-storming and collective deliberation over every minute detail, finding the perfect Truck, adorning it in the right way and coming up with the right itinerary. AAW’STRUCK was a part of Rendezvous, a fest which sees one of the highest footfalls and the perfect chance to build a rapport with the youth.

The highlight of AAW’STRUCK was the exhibition, where budding artists from all over the country got a platform to showcase their talents. The exhibition was rather unusual for it happened inside a truck. Other events that were part of AAW’STRUCK were the Harry Potter photo booth, a Flash mob, Paint the canvas, Quiz, Trash-Talk- a rap battle and street dances.

– Nilanjana Taani

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