Late Riser


There is a shape that
calls for me every morning
I see it when I close my eyes
Various colours and patterns forming
It hangs in silence
never speaking, never expecting
Amoeba shaped
Biology classes spent
making diagrams of amoebae
and how they reproduce
Had they shown me how a
child is born, I would have
been at a much better place
At least that is what I feel
I am eighteen and starving
Starving for a miraculous sight
that takes my breath away
I went to Philip island once,
penguins smaller than my palm
walked towards me
I was their home
I wish I was at least their something
They weren’t walking towards
me I know now
I touched the walls of Mehrangarh Fort
The wind is still in my hair
The temple at the end, still in my eyes
Yet I can’t live openly in the blue city
Ketchikan had totem poles but I
bought earrings with Russian dolls on them
They were turquoise
I still have them-I love them-I don’t wear them
Maybe it’s because the bracelet
which mumma bought for me
from there broke
The hotel in Jasper had a beautiful
Aztec patterned carpet on the wall
It was maroon, green, black and white
Every girl I see in malls is wearing
an Aztec print
Giant’s causeway took a little bit
of my breath away
But then we moved too fast
My breath stuck midway
Blarney castle had the famous
Blarney Stone
I kissed it. I don’t remember
what I asked for
But it didn’t come true
I saw the eyes of Krishna at
Banke Bihari, Mathura.
I stared into them-
Krishna isn’t with me, he isn’t
There are shapes that call me
every morning,
I am
a late riser.

– Ananya Maheshwari

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