Does it rain only upon women? Or does the sun shine only for men?

A woman is human. A man is human. And that is all.

With advances in different spheres of life, we, as a society have also managed to excel at discriminating and stereotyping. Be it men or women, homosexuals or heterosexuals, or any other classification we might come up with, the core problem remains that we meticulously find ways to discriminate one human from another. We, at Artist At Work Productions (AAW) are firm believers in taking actions to correct what is wrong. With this ideal at heart, we initiated the ‘International Gender Equality Month – iGEM’.


iGEM was a month full of flying colors, breaking stereotypes and the artful solution of peace. The campaign was conducted from 8th February – 8th March, 2013, as a follow up for the ‘International Women’s Day’. Essentially an online campaign, iGEM mustered immense support from all over the world with the help of our international associates that were recruited in countries across the globe. The pivotal discussion of the campaign was ‘How do we view gender?’

With the help of volunteers from various countries like the USA, the UK and India, our campaign was further propagated as we received artwork submissions from a large number of people. Art has always been a facilitator of change. Nothing speaks better for itself than a form of art. Art is a mirror of human expression. As submissions poured in, we came across varied perspectives even though all had the same crux.


The campaign culminated with celebrations for the ‘International Women’s Day’, held at Select CityWalk, New Delhi. It was an afternoon of eclectic musical performances, live paintings and a street play. Artists from different backgrounds came together to put up a spectacular show, as everyone propelled equality in a rhythm of unison.

The entire campaign was based on a basic principle – no more complicated words or complex social relations, but a simple and blatant truth, we are equal. If we were successful in changing the perception of even a few people, we believe that our efforts were worthwhile.

Gender inequality is not a modern notion. We see it. We feel it. We talk about it, a bit too much. But there has already been enough of that. It’s time we start with ourselves.

– Surabhi Agarwal

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