Pukaar – An Exhibition For The Kashmir Flood Victims

10686754_658241484292210_759946574935554275_nThe festive season commenced with a celebration of art that was one of its kind. Taking inspiration from the pioneer event from last year, an art exhibition was again organized to celebrate art thereby serving a noble cause in Delhi Haat. 3rd October marked the beginning of the event, ‘Pukaar’ which was true to its meaning that is a ‘cry for help’. With a sole aim of raising funds for the Kashmir flood hit victims by the way of celebrating art, the five day event was an attempt to help the many whose world was devastated by the floods.

10687129_659047587544933_1569005047307586094_nThe five day exhibition saw the splendid souls trying their best to put all the things in place. An alley was chosen for this purpose with artworks, digital media works, portraits and paintings by different artists that were displayed in a tasteful manner for the public. Homemade chocolates, badges, printed envelopes, kettles, greeting cards were some other pleasantries on display which were an instant hit among people. The evenings witnessed soulful music and bright lights that cheered up hearts and turned the exhibition into a more engaging affair.

The weekend rush was frantic as the art lovers gathered in multitudes and were mesmerized by the aesthetically pleasing artworks. The portrait maker even wooed the hearts of the public by his remarkable sketching skill. The younger children thronged to get ‘mehndi’ on their hands while their parents were busy looking at the artworks. People were allured by the harmonious atmosphere and eye catching artworks.

The perky team served the public with patience and love, telling them about different art-pieces and helping them buy better. Their magnanimity and benefaction won many hearts and made this exhibition an instant success.

As ‘Pukaar’ concluded with a collection of more than 1 lac rupees, it allowed art to reach to the masses; igniting benevolence among them thereby making a genuine attempt to help the fellow countrymen in distress. We would like to thank everyone who bought an artwork and helped us with our cause.

– Vanshika

Pukaar – An Exhibition For The Uttarakhand Flood Victims

It has been more than a year now, a year of learning and growing, a year of vivid experiences, a year of connecting with different individuals and a year of watching dreams materialize into solid foundations. That saying about believing in something with all your heart and having it come true, I have experienced it.

This is about how a bunch of young college students managed to raise a sum of Rs.1,55,040 for the Uttarakhand Flood victims in 5 days.


It was on 21st June ‘13, at around 10 pm, when I watched a handful of people collecting clothes & money for the flood relief that the idea struck me.

It happens to all of us. Interesting ideas strike us, we mull over it, procrastinate and move ahead. I on the other hand decided not to do that this time. Although I had no idea how to go about it.

It had been almost a month since I had opened applications for Associate membership of AAW for fine arts and I came across the application of Aarul Mathew, a third year student of College of Arts, Delhi University. Her work was amazing and she even had experience of organizing/managing art exhibitions, unlike me. We decide to start work and have enough artworks within 8-10 days, and then work on organising the event.

After a lot of hassle and running around, we managed to get a place at INA’s Dilli Haat, a prominent cultural hub in the city. We visited the venue and started planning things within a few days. We created an event page on Facebook and got a great response. People sent in paintings from all over India. We even had paintings coming from areas as far as the East.

It was actually happening, but we had a few more obstacles on the way. We ran out of funds faster than we thought and all our effort to find sponsors were in vain. However, after a lot of struggle we managed to find a sponsor.


The next day, we had to meet with the Chief Minister of Delhi to get the official Rent Exemption Letter. After a long wait and some hard work, we received the letter in the afternoon. But that was not the end to the trouble, we also had to get it signed by the Managing Director of Delhi Tourism. In the scorching heat of Delhi, it takes a lot of will power to travel around all day without food. We finally reached the Delhi Tourism Office and Pukaar was approved.

Fortunately, the event was a huge hit and our handwork paid off. We even had a parallel photography exhibition along with live portrait sketching, homemade chocolates, henna and street music to supplement the noble cause.

The event was covered by NDTV India, Aaj Tak, Samachar News, Shri TV, HT City, Hindustan Times, Delhi Times, Navbharat Times, The Hindu, and Amar Ujala. The event could not have been possible without the help of the organizing team, the artists and Delhi Tourism.

– Rahul Maheshwari

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