Art Mob

No Walls – Art Mob Mumbai


10635885_643665802416445_7934577658521683930_nOn the 6th of September 20 artists and volunteers took to the lanes of Mumbai with beautiful art work and a passion to take art to the streets and into the hearts of all Mumbaikars. The first Artist at Work Productions event of the Mumbai chapter kicked off with a bang! On that busy evening at 5.00PM opposite ELCO Market at Hill road, artists from all walks came to promote art. The ‘No walls’ Art Mob event was inspired by the successful Delhi Art Mob; the event started off with the artists lining up outside shops at hill road and musicians belting out soulful numbers for all those surprised shoppers. Men, women and children stopped and got lost in the aesthetically pleasing visual arts and the soulful music. Mumbai was swept away by the enthusiasm and love for art that was being displayed. The event lasted for about forty-five minutes. The team then headed to the beautiful Promenade at Carter Road. Here the event started off with street play artists calling the audience in their own wacky way, inviting them to experience something old in a completely new way. At Carter’s the crowd didn’t stop gathering and the people didn’t stop showing their love, all through the sixty minutes of this event Humans of Mumbai enquired, appreciated and kept coming back to the MOB.


The ‘No Walls’ aim of getting art out from the galleries to the people spread even after it ‘officially’ ended, as  Mumbai Mirror, DNA and the likes covered the event. The Mob didn’t just reach a few hundred on the streets of Hill Road and Carter; it reached the hearts of a few thousands all over the city.

The evening was filled with love for art, from the artists and the people. For those few hours, everyone shared a similar passion and interest and those few hours made all the difference.

– Amla Pisharody

Cause Art


Can we capture art inside boundaries? No. Is art only for a selected few? No.


Cause Art, in association with AAW Productions, was an evening that breathed through this idea. On a busy Sunday, Connaught Place was taken by surprise when it witnessed Delhi’s first art mob. 22 artists displayed some of their finest work on the streets, right in the midst of the crowd, accompanied by euphoric street music.

As people were strolling through CP they were awed to see artists displaying their artwork on the streets rather than grand galleries. The purpose of this art mob was to take art out of galleries and help it reach an audience that comprises of people from all walks of life. The event did exactly what it was intended to do, by providing a nexus between art and people.


Children, teenagers and elderly alike were visibly amused by this first of its kind event. Kids had a gala time too as they danced to the live music singing along the songs they knew. HT City, Asian Age and several other social media platforms also wrote about our efforts.

The concept of taking art out of the galleries with no walls to separate it from the common folk was appreciated by one and all. The show concluded with a hope that it sparked curiosity among those present and propelled a future where art becomes more people-centric.

– Surabhi Agarwal

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