What Religion Is Not

In the end, religion is what you choose to believe in. It isn’t what you have practiced since you could pray.
Religion isn’t brothers killing brothers. It isn’t men going off to kill men in riots.
It isn’t women waiting for the cold, dead bodies or children growing up as orphans, with anger and hatred embedded in their bones.
It isn’t girls getting shot at on their way to school, or parents killing their own children for honour.
Religion isn’t darkness, hatred or violence.
It isn’t perfect either.
But it is harmony and it is brotherhood. It is kindness and peace and love and acceptance; and strength and valor.
Religion is a support to many, not the bullets that leaving a gun.
What we forget in practicing something we actually know nothing about, is that the truth which always gets lost in the argument?
Religion isn’t Holy Books or the Pope, Khalifa , a Rabbi, or Sadhus.
It isn’t the ideas the human mind conjures up.
It isn’t pilgrimages, or fasts or the stone idols one prays to.
Religion was never, is not and can never be organized. Because if it is, then it has been created by mankind and as the world shows us in the dead bodies of countless men, women and children, organized religion damns and destroys.
Religion isn’t a few men and their personal wars against the world.
It isn’t the Boko Haram, Taliban or the ISIS.
If ‘Jihad’ really meant a war or struggle to defend or spread religious beliefs, then this ‘Holy War’ exists amongst many major religions, probably under different terms. But to define an entire religion under this one word. Wrong.
But if ‘Jihad’ really means the spiritual, psychological and physical effort to bring oneself close to the entity called ‘God’, then it may be a fraction of a purpose of a religion.
Religion doesn’t teach you to hate yourself and everyone around, and if it does, it is not religion.
It is you.

– Shabnam Mondal

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