” And when it echoed through my being,

my heart blazed with the fire of passion!”

Yes, we all are well aware of The Power of Music. In the everyday mess of juggled up heads, heightened emotions, steeping aspirations and workout perspiration those puny bulb shaped earphones are the knight in shining armour, the savior or in better words THE ULTIMATE ESCAPE of your life. When the undulating melody strikes the strings of soul, a deep conviction churns up a riveting saga which might be an old parable, a satirical spiel, some sacred vocable or a romantic yarn spinning through the folds of your nerves from ages left behind. For most of us, that carefully arranged playlist is probably the most reliable rope we hang onto in those sullen moments when losing yourself in a tranquilizing musical trance feels like the best thing.

The very fact that music, sounds and echoes affect human mind and the ensuing lifestyle, behavior and psychology has been well justified by science as well in a single term known as “PSYCHO-ACOUSTICS”. Psycho-acoustics is essentially the study of the perception of sound. This includes how we listen, our psychological responses, and the physiological impact of music and sound on the human nervous system.

In the realm of psychoacoustics, the terms music, sound, frequency, and vibration are interchangeable, because they are different approximations of the same essence. The study of psychoacoustics dissects the listening experience. Think of it like this, every sound, be it melodious or de-tuned produces some neurological response in us, even if it is unfathomable or negligible, for instance a particular song reminding you of an old crush or teenage romance!! Basically, whatever goes inside our natural hearing device echoes through us, reverberates against our brain waves and modulates our frequency hence producing a response. In geeky terms, all this is explained in two simple words ‘RESONANCE’ and ‘ENTRAINMENT’.

Everything in this universe is vibrating from atoms and planets to you and me and thus everything has a frequency too. Resonance is the impact of one vibration on another, literally, it means “to send again, to echo.” So music resonates against our own vibration and affects it in a manner such that it tunes itself with the external sound and that’s where entrainment comes in which is “changing the physical entities like brain waves, heartbeats according to external rhythms”

Music alters the performance of the nervous system primarily because of entrainment. Entrainment is the rhythmic manifestation of resonance. With entrainment, a stronger external pulse does not just activate another pulse but actually causes the latter to move out of its own resonant frequency to match it. The most common example of entrainment is tapping your feet to the external rhythm of music and your heart dancing to the beats.

So that’s how it works, and as a matter of fact, music is being used as a sonic tool for therapeutic use and has far better success rates than its fellow comrades. Guess, that got a bit too technical but trust me, if you just stay calm for a moment and sense your heart beat then you can actually feel it being aligned with the song playing on your player. It’s indeed an echo through the very being.

– Suhani

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