Tapped Into My Alice

Of late I’ve come across a lot of shows that deal with comic book characters and a constant fascination with larger than life super-humans clad in skin-tight spandex which made me a little curious and I felt like perhaps I should give some of these comic books a read. That said I’ll be very honest about my disinterest in any form of comic book superheroes growing up (more so because I was never interested in reading). I was more a ‘Cartoon Network’ kind of a person. But over the years I’ve come to realize that they in fact have had a lot bigger influence on me than I’d thought of.

Clark Kent is like any other journalist residing in a fictional city of Metropolis in America. His lady love is Lois Lane with whom he’s awkward and is constantly making efforts to confess his love, but in vain. Peter Parker is another shy and nerdy high-school student who is a loner, and lives with a self-imposed rejection and inadequacy. What I love about these characters is their imperfection and them eventually transforming from geeky damsels in distress to stronger self-made individuals that have the power to save the world. Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider acquiring the agility and strength of an arachnid, who learns from his mistakes and takes on the world as Spiderman while the shy Clark Kent transforms into Superman (with not to mention a beefed up body to die for!) who can bring-down the power mad American billionaire Lex Luthor.

But the super-humans that mattered most to me weren’t these larger than life men. They were in fact the little girls dressed in pink, green and blue with colorful hair that came out of Chemical X. The Powerpuff girls to me were way more powerful because firstly they were little kids like I was back then not wanting to have their green vegetables, but they were the official saviors of Townsville. Remember ‘HIM’? A transgender character in a show made for kids, clearly stating that “Kids! You know what? Transgenders exist and it’s okay to be who you wish to be.” This was one show that defined the new normal for so many kids like us living in a world where gender roles were clearly defined and blending these roles together could bring havoc into your life.

Haven’t we all wished to study at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? I strongly believe that the world we live in is as magical as any Wonderland like Hogwarts in an alternate world. There are bound to be Monsters, who will do anything to bring you down, but there will also be Fairies and her elves trying everything they could to fight your monsters. Miracles will happen and you’ve got that power within you but you’ll have to let them happen. Your pumpkin might not transform into a fancy cart driven by pretty muscular horses, but you have the power to dream and transform those dreams into reality. You are the Alice, this is your Wonderland, fight the red queen and you’ll get what you want.

Peace in.

– Anwesh Kumar Sahoo

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