Every Dog Has Its Day

Every Dog has it’s day, literally. For Nasty, it was the day before his 2nd birthday when he decided to play ‘hide the object’ with his family. This time the object was something dark and strangely heavy. He knew his jaw was now big enough to hide something that small very easily. Wired with excitement, Nasty sat comfortably under the bed day dreaming of how everybody in his family would laugh and giggle and try catching him when they would discover he had hidden something again.


He waited a long time before being discovered and a longer time before anyone actually reacted. First it was the maid. He had never liked that woman much; she would always make faces at him and would beat him up in absence of her masters. But she did notice what he had tucked in safely in his jaw. She let out a piercing cry, and ran to call others. The family members soon gathered around Nasty, and the struggle to reclaim the prize began. The game for Nasty had begun. With every minute of the struggle, the gasps increased, and so did Nasty’s pride. He thought he was winning the game, but just moments before the victory, the object broke. And the people almost fainted. Nasty was pretty taken aback and confused by the reactions; this was not the usual giggles and feigned anger, this was something much beyond. Nasty tried licking his master’s hand to apologize, but his any action was of no use. He could smell fear, disgust and immediately felt guilt. He knew not for what, he knew not that he had broken the idol of Lord Krishna, the most sacred God in the region the family resided.

This was not a matter of mistake or ignorance, this was against the sacred rules, People had been thrown out of villages for not being respectful enough to God, breaking the idol of the most sacred of all could not have been tolerated. It was immediately decided that a panchayat meeting needs to be held at the earliest possible and it happened at 4 in the evening on the same day. A group of learned God-men sat down together to decide the fate of another creature. The crime could not have waited it’s punishment. After careful thinking and consideration it was unanimously decided that this cannot be pardoned. Nasty was surely a reincarnated demon to have done an unforgivable act like that. It was an absolute horror to allow a being like this to survive amidst god loving people like them. The date was soon decided, and arrangements made. The village was to gather in the Krishna temple to cleanse every villager of the sin that befell them due to Nasty’s original sin.

Nasty was made to wear a new red collar, tied with a new chain to a remotely new pole of the temple. Nasty’s olfactory senses could smell excitement, and he was immediately ready for the game, whatever it may be. It did begin, only Nasty, inspite of all his efforts could not enjoy it as much. It took an arrangement of 120 stones to stone Nasty down, and another 400 to cleanse 400 villagers of the sin committed by Nasty. Celebrations took off in the village, they were final guiltless and no sin would be on their head. But amidst all the celebrations, there was this monster of pain felt only by the sweeper . A lower caste, who was not allowed to pray to the idol of Krishna. He felt the pain when he wiped the blood off the walls that had a beautifully crafted message in white marble stones : “Love all beings, because God lives in all of us”.

– Parboni Bose

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