Music And Religion

Music to me is a religion in itself. It is unarguably the best thing that man has created on the face of earth. It’s a gift which needs lifetime of devotion and it has the power to transcend a soul to a higher level in a matter of few minutes. Music in itself is perfect and it preaches universal love.
I have been an agnostic ever since I have come to understand religion and the concept of God but saying that there have been few songs that have had the transcendental power to show a certain reverence one encounters only for God. I will talk of two songs which are both alike and yet different in its lyrics and have had a tune potent enough to hold the masses captive.

You are my religion
You are my religion is a considerably old song by the band Firehouse released in the year 1996 under the album Good Acoustics. Firehouse is an American glam metal band which gained popularity in early nineties with songs like Don’t treat me bad and Love of a Lifetime. They reached their zenith of popularity when they were chosen over bands like Nirvana and Alice in Chains in award shows. ‘You are my religion’ remains not a very popular song by them but it succeeded to move people with potent lyrics and the phrase “Not just on Sunday, I love you everyday” struck a chord in every heart.
The song is upbeat and it takes one to the times of unadulterated belief one had on love. The godlike worship of lover and the constant ambiguity between god and a lover makes the song ecstasic.

Take me to church
Take me to church is a song by Irish artist Hozier from his self-titled album Hozier EP released in the year 2013. It is a mid tempo soul song Hozier wrote about his frustrations with the Catholic Church’s rigidity against homosexuality. In the time when catchy tunes and upbeat songs garner all the attention and when nobody seemingly cares about the lyrics, this song is a delightful break from the clichéd. This song at first may sound blasphemous to certain people but after hearing to it a couple of times one sits enthralled by both the beauty of its tome and poetry. It is a song which indirectly shows the injustice being done by religious institutions on love. The video of the song shows a seemingly Russian landscape and is a powerful critique of its anti-homosexual laws.
This song unlike ‘You are my religion’ shows the necessary break from the unshakable faith one puts on God for love and justice and questions the set of beliefs while not making it unapologetically radical or blasphemous as how some people may initially perceive.

– Abhyuday Gupta

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