Pop Art de Lady Gaga

imageOnly a woman like Miss Lady Gaga can wrap chunks of raw meat around herself and walk on the red carpet for an award function and look like she is taking an evening walk in the park. Lady Gaga, besides being a first-class pop star, is a dazzling artist as well. And her art form, is Lady Gaga herself. Her outrageously abnormal costumes, her poise, her “I do not give a shit” attitude, and not to forget, her songs and her music videos; they all exude art. The woman’s got so much panache.

On one hand are live performances by famous musicians and on the other hand, are live performances by Lady Gaga, which have the audiences watching in amazement. Her performances are no less than an extravaganza of music, dance and well, costumes.

Consider her live performance at the 2011 Grammys where she performed her single, “Born This Way”. As the music starts playing, Gaga enters on the red carpet in a golden egg. As the beat kicks in, the egg hatches perfectly in sync, and the biggest pop star takes birth. She goes on to discard any critiques thrown her way based on lowly issues like her “dressing” and tells the world that she was ‘born this way’. This too much to handle performance with way too many instances of symbolism is one of the most low-key performances by the diva, and that really is saying something.

image (3)The most fascinating thing about our lady who likes a ‘bad romance’ is that she carries off whatever hideously absurd costume she is wearing with unfathomable grace. Some of her costumes are so utterly incongruous that they’ll leave you out of bounds amazed. Like most other art, her art is also open to the viewer’s interpretation. It also tells a story. It makes you wonder. Even when she is not sporting a humongous prop for a costume with sky-high heels, she looks like the most graceful woman with a face that can make hearts melt.

Call her an attention-seeker or a fake, there is no other person, male or female, in any of the industries, music or otherwise, who is as daring and sporting as Lady Gaga. She knows how to make a statement, and she does so with utmost flamboyance.

– Sukanya Agrawal

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