Music And Captivity

Music and captivity go together just like a kid’s excitement on getting a new toy or an employee receiving his first pay-check. Being captivated by a melody is plain blissful, like it is with any other form of art. But with music, it’s different. It can make you dance like a freak one moment, and make you howl the next.10643212_10204609893826262_120994001_n Even when you are surrounded by a crowd, it has the power to generate a feeling of solitude. You might as well feel like you are all alone on a hilltop surrounded by nothing but nature. When you are listening to a song, you are not just hearing a pleasant mixture of sounds, you are hearing the artist’s story; you feel your heart beat to the words that the singer sings. It is iniquitously easy to lose yourself to music.

As mentioned before, one relates to different genres differently. But when it comes to the captivating effects of music, I believe we can all agree that psychedelic music tops the list. The gigantic fandom of The Beatles and Pink Floyd manifest how psychedelic music can captivate millions of hearts. Psychedelic music works like a hallucinogen and transcends the listener to another world just like any other drug would. Western psychedelic music would often take bits and pieces from the Indian ragas and create a perfect blend of notes and combine them 10634137_10204609893666258_181461868_nwith esoteric lyrics to have a surreal effect. Phasing notes, distorted voices, repetition of sounds and prolonged instrumental solos are characteristic of this genre of music. These characteristics have been dissolved in other genres of music to give birth to sub-genres like psychedelic-rock/folk/pop/hip-hop etc. Over the last few years, psychedelic music has been merged with trance to give its captivating effects a whole new meaning.

From The Beatles to David Bowie, there is no end to the list of brilliant psychedelic artists. If you are looking for a transcending experience to get a refuge from the harshness of this world, psychedelic music is what you are looking for. It will not only captivate your heart, but also your brain. In conclusion, the overwhelming effect of psychedelic music is that of captivation in every sense of the word.

– Sukanya Agrawal

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