Lines Holding Relations

Relations are precious and yet the most complex, ambiguous and difficult to define, maintain and understand. Life is a process of letting go. What hurts is, not taking a moment to say goodbye. If we imagine our life to be a non-linear line the people with whom we form relations are the curves. Some may be curvier than the others but everything we are, is influenced by every single person we have met.

People will come and people will go. Some you see everyday and yet don’t think about twice. Some you come across who you love gently and from far away. These are comparatively easier to forget. Some you love fast, yet not deep enough to keep you up at nights. These people require a bit more time to let go off. However, sometimes a picture or a particular song or certain kinds of mundane things may set off dusty, stored memories. A restless night where you remember the people of your life whom you loved and lost.

Some people you love deep and slow and beautiful. Over several years of your existence. With beautiful midnight words and arms ready to hug you to keep you from falling apart. You love such people too much for words. Every word, every thought, every emotion is placed on your lips for them to pluck them, feel them and understand them. Never fear to love.

Then, come those people , the kind you fall in love with. One glance or a word spoken straight from the bottom corners of your broken and bruised heart. One quelling stare from those eyes of theirs and you’re not afraid to look deep into their mindful souls and let yourself be vulnerable. They see fire in you and you in them.

And then, come the last kind of people you’ll find in your life.

You don’t know them from a close aspect, you talk or see them rarely for a short period of time. But when you do meet them, you see everything that could’ve been, if circumstances had allowed it, flash in front of your eyes. You experience a few rare moments together, feel them, embrace them and let them go. These moments may be the most beautiful of your life. The ones you’ll always remember with an unquenchable fire burning in your heart.

People will come and people will go but never fear love. In the end, it’s the things you don’t do that you regret.

Live honorably and with dignity. Hold your own in a crowd. Possess the quality of individuality. Live with love, peace and passion. Live with fire. And most importantly, let your life be as much of a curved line as possible. Being straight, hollow and untouched by emotions calls for a sad and cold existence.

– Shabnam Mondal

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